lunes, 1 de febrero de 2010

Nuevos discos agregados, febrero 2010

estos son los nuevos discos agregados a la base de datos hasta febrero 2010

muy pronto el compilado con lo mejor de enero de este año

501 Solitaire [2010]
12twelve [2006] L´Univers
A Man Called E
A Place to Bury Strangers [2009] Exploding Head
A Storm of Light 2009 Forgive us Our Trespasses (V0)
Abner Jay 2009 True Story of Abner Jay
Acoustique Parfum 2009 Outgunned Awakening
Actic Monkeys (2006) Whatever People Say i am that's what im not
aerosol Airborne [2009]
Agent 5.1 2004 The Wonderful World Of Kissing
Air Love 2
Air (2009) Sing Sang Sung
Air Castles (2009) Night And Day EP
Airborn Audio Close Encounter the mixtape
Al Green Greatest Hits
Alec Ounsworth Mo Beauty
Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue (2009)
Alice in Chains Facelift (1990)
Alice in Chains Jar Of Flies (1994)
Alice in Chains Sap (EP) (1992)
Alice In Chains (1995)
Alice in Chains (2000) Live
Alicia Keys The Element Of Freedom (2009)
Almendra 1970 Almendra II
Amida Arts & Crafts (2007)
Amida If the Wave Loves Two Suns (2009)
Amiina [2009] re minore EP
Ammon tobin bricolage
Ammon Tobin Kitchen sink remixes
Ammoncontract beats from binas house vinyl
Amy Allison Sheffield Streets 2009
Amy Millan Masters of the Burial [2009]
andrei machado étant
andrew hill Point of Departure
Andrew Hill (1965) pax
Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra (2009) Take Off!
Anibals Security
Animal Collective Grass [2005]
Animal Collective 2009 Fall be Kind
Animal collective 2009 Brother Sport
Animal Collective 2009 Fall be Kind
Anne Paceo, Rick Margitza & Rhda Scott Live in Paris 29 V 08 (2008)
Anni Rossi (2009) Rockwell
Anthony Braxton Quartet (Dortmund) 1976
Anthrax 1985 Spreading The Disease
Anthrax 1987 Among The Living
Anthrax 1988 State of Euphoria
Anthrax 1990 Persistence Of Time
Antibalas Government magic ltd ed EP
Apocalyptica Worlds Collide
Apocalyptica 1996 Plays Metallica by Four Cellos
Apocalyptica 1996b Apocalyptica
Apocalyptica 1998b Harmageddon
Apocalyptica 2000 Cult
Apocalyptica 2001 Cult (special edition)
Apocalyptica 2001 Live In Munich
Apocalyptica 2001b Path vol.2
Apocalyptica 2002b hope vol.2 (feat. Matthias Sayer)
Apocalyptica 2003 Reflections
Apocalyptica 2003 Reflections (Bonus Tracks)
Apocalyptica 2003b Faraway Vol. 2 (feat. Linda Sundblad)
Apocalyptica 2003b Seemann (feat. Nina Hagen)
Apocalyptica 2004b Bittersweet
Apocalyptica 2005 Apocalyptica
Apocalyptica 2005 Life Burns
Apocalyptica 2005b Wie Weit
Apocalyptica Amplified A Decade Of Reinventing The Cello
Apocalyptica The Best of
Aprende portuges
Apse Climb Up (2009)
Arch Enemy The Root of All Evil (2009)
Archie Shepp 1967 A Portrait of Robert Thompson (As
Archive Controlling Crowds Part IV (2009)
Arctic Monkeys Humbug (2009)
Arctic Monkeys Cornerstone (2009)
Arctic Monkeys 2005 I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor
Arctic monkeys 2005 Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys
arctic monkeys 2006 Leave Before the Lights Come On
Arctic Monkeys 2006 When the Sun Goes Down
Arctic Monkeys 2006 Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys (2006)
Arctic monkeys 2007 Brianstorm
Arctic monkeys 2007 Fluorescent Adolescent
Arctic Monkeys 2007 Teddy Picker
Arctic Monkeys 2009 Cornerstone (2009) ELB 214
Arms and Sleepers Matador [2009]
Artic Monkeys Humburg
Artic Monkeys 2006 Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Artofficial fist fights and food races
Artofficial Stranger EP
ash a z series (2010)
At Swim Two Birds Before You Left (2009)
Atlas Sound 2009 Logos Bonus Disc
Atlas Sounds logotips
Au Versions [2009]
Au Revoir Simone 2007 Dont see the Sorrow
Au Revoir Simone 2009 Still Night Still Light
Autrolocast 2009 Surfer blood
Avishai Cohen 1998 Adama
Avishai Cohen Aurora (2009)
Avishai Cohen 2000 Colors
Avishai Cohen Trio (2008) Gently Disturbed
Axolotl Of Bonds In General (2009)
Balmorhea All Is Wild All Is Silent (2009)
Balmorhea All Is Wild All Is Silent [Remixes] (2009)
Balmorhea Balmorhea (2007)
Balmorhea Rivers Arms (2008)
Balmorhea Tour [EP] (2008)
Balmorhea All Is Wild All Is Silent (2009)
Balmorhea All Is Wild All Is Silent [Remixes] (2009)
Balmorhea Balmorhea (2007)
Balmorhea Rivers Arms (2008)
Balmorhea Tour [EP] (2008)
Basement Jaxx Scars 2009
Bat For Lashes Two Suns (2009)
Beach House Teen Dream 2009
Beach House 2006 House in the Hill
beach house 2008 devotion
Beach House 2008 Devotion
Bear In Heaven Beast Rest Forth Mouth 2009
Beck (2002) Sea Change
Beck 2009 Songs of Leonard Cohen
Bell Orchestre [2009] Who Designs Nature's How
ben frost by the throat (bedroom community 2009)
Ben Frost 2006 Theory of Machines
Bez ladu a skladu Xmetov (1998)
Bibio Ovals And Emeralds [2009]
Bibio The Apple & The Tooth [2009]
Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions (2009)
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky 2a
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky 2b
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky 3a
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky 3b
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky 4a
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky 4b
Big Star Keep an eye on the sky b
biggles flys again chocks away ep (2008)
biggles flys again songs for the lonely hearts ep (2010)
Bill Evans Trio En vivo en Buenos Aires 1979
Billy Bragg Workers Playtime 1988
Black Heaven History (2009)
Black Mold Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz [2009]
Black Moth Super Rainbow The Autumn Kaleidoscope Got Changed [2001]
Black Tape For A Blue Girl 10 Neurotics (2009)
Blindfold (2009) Faking Dreams
Blockhead The Music Scene (2009)
Blood Sweat and Tears 1969 Blood Sweat and Tears
Blooddrunk [2008] Blooddrunk
Blueneck The Fallen Host [2009]
Blur All The People... Live in Hyde Park 02 07 2009 (2009)
Boa Jasmine Rodgers
Bob Dylan Christmas In The Heart (2009)
Bob Dylan & Tom Petty True Confessions For Carol 1 10
Bob Dylan (2005) The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 No Direction Home [CD1]
Bob Dylan (2008) The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs
Bonded By Blood Feed The Beast
Bonnie Prince Billy 2009 Beware
Bonobo The Keeper [2009]
Bonobo 2009 Live at Koko
Bosques de mi Mente 2009 Inocencia
Boy Crisis Tulipomania (2009)
Boys Noize Jeffer Remixes [2009]
Brabenec, Komarek, Topol, Oplistilova, Karafiat, Brabec Konec leta (1995)
Brad Mehldau 1998 Art of the Trio Vol. 3
Brand New Daisy (2009)
Brand_New_Deja_Entendu 2003 fnt
Brett Anderson Slow Attack (2009)
Brian Wilson 2004 Smile
Britania 2009 Vrashenie
Broadcast Mother Is the MIlky Way[2009]
Broadcast and the Focus Group (2009) Investigat
Brodinski [2009] Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck Mixed By Brodinski
Brokend Bells 2010 Brokend Bells
Brothomstates 1998 Kobn Tich Ey EP (128)
Brothomstates 2000 Brothom States EP (320 from lossless)
Brothomstates 2001 Claro (320 from lossless)
Brothomstates 2001 Qtio EP (320 from lossless)
Brothomstates 2004 Rktic EP (320 from lossless)
Brothomstates vs Blamstrain 2006 Brothomstrain vs Blamstates EP (320 from lossless)
Bruce Gilbert Music For Fruit
Bruce Gilbert 1978 Music For Fruit
Bruce Peninsula [2009] A Mountain Is A Mouth
Built To Spill there is no enemy
Built to Spilt There is no Enemy
burning hearts night animal (single) (2010)
bygones (2009) by
Cafe Tacuba 1992 Cafe Tacuba
Cafe Tacuba 1994 Re
Cafe Tacuba 1996 Avalancha de Exitos
Cafe Tacuba 1999 Reves
Cafe Tacuba 1999 Yo Soy
Cafe Tacuba 2000 Tiempo Transcurrido
Cafe Tacuba 2002 Valle Callampa
Cafe Tacuba 2003 Cuatro Caminos
Cafe Tacuba 2004 Un Viaje (3 Cds)
Cafe Tacuba 2005 MTV Unplugged
Cafe Tacuba 2007 Si No
Canyonsofstatic The Disappearance
Castanets Texas Rose, The Thaw, And The Beasts [Asthmatic Kitty, 2009]
Castanets Texas Rose the Thaw and the Beasts (2009)
Cave In Plants Of Old
Cesaria Evora Nha Sentimento 2009
Cex [2009] Bataille Royale
Chantel Kreviazuk Plain Jane (2009)
Chantel Kreviazuk Plain Jane (2009)
Charly Garcia 1980 Música del alma
Charly Garcia 1982 Yendo de la cama al living
Charly Garcia 1983 Clics Modernos
Charly Garcia 1983 Pubis Angelical
Charly Garcia 1984 Piano Bar
Charly Garcia 1984 Terapia Intensiva
Charly Garcia 1985 Tango
Charly Garcia 1987 Parte de La religion
Charly Garcia 1988 Lo que vendra
Charly Garcia 1989 Como conseguir chicas
Charly Garcia 1990 Filosofia Barata y zapatos de goma
Charly Garcia 1991 Tango 4
Charly Garcia 1995 Casandra Lange
Charly Garcia 1995 MTV Unplugged
Charly Garcia 1996 Say no more
Charly Garcia 1997 Charly Garcia y Mercedes Sosa Alta Fidelidad
Charly Garcia 1998 El Aguante
Charly Garcia 1999 Demasiado Ego
Charly Garcia 2003 Charly Garcia Rock & Roll Yo
Charly Garcia 2003 Influencia
Charly Garcia 2007 Kill Gil
Chocolate Cherry
Chuck Berry colour collection
Circa Survive Juturna
Circulatory Sistem (2009) Signal Morning
Citay 2010 Dream Get Toghether
Clap Yours Hands And Say Yeah Clap Yours Hands And Say Yeah
Clare and the Reasons Arrow (frog stand, 2009)
class actress 2010 journal of ardency ep
Clutchy Hopkins and Shawn Lee Fascinating Fingers (2009)
Codeine Velvet Club Codeine Velvet Club (2009)
Coeur de Pirate 2009 Homónimo
Cold Cave Death Comes Close [2009]
Coldfinger (1999) EP 1
Coldfinger 2007 Supafacial
Collapse Under The Empire Crawling
Collapse Under The Empire Package (192kBit)
Collapse Under The Empire 2009 Find A Place To Be Safe
Collection of collonies of bees (2009) Birds
Collective_Soul Collective_Soul 2009 VAG
Colleen (2003) Everyone Alive Wants Answers
Colleen (2007) Les ondes silencieuses
Collide These Eyes Before (2009)
Come Don't Ask Don't Tell
Come Eleven Eleven
Come Near Life Experience
Cory Chisel and The Wandering Sons Death Won't Send A Letter (2009)
Cotti 501 Rise The Temperature Insanity [2009]
Cotton Jones Rio Ranger 2009
Cradle Of Filth Bitter suites to succubi (2001)
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the beast (1998)
Cradle Of Filth From The Cradle To Enslave (1999)
Cradle of filth Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder (2008)
Cradle of Filth Midian (2000)
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine (2005)
Cradle Of Filth Damnation And A Day (2003)
Cradle of Filth Lovecraft & Witch Hearts (2002)
Cradle Of Filth (2007) Eleven Burial Masses
Cradle of Filth live bait for the dead (2002)
CradleOfFilth Thornography
Crippled Black Phoenix 200 Tons Of Bad Luck [2009]
Crustation With Bronagh Slevin 1998 Bloom
Daedelus Invention
Dan Auerbach 2009 Keep it Hid
Dan Deacon 2009 Bromst
Danny Saul 2009 Harsh Final
Dark Tranquillity We Are The Void (2010)
Datassette [2009] The Aviatrix
Dave Matthews Band Big Wiskie & The GrooGrux Kin
De Rosa Prevention [2009]
Dead Man's Bones (2009) Dead Man's Bones
Death Angel Killing Season (2008)
Death Angel The Art of Dying (2004)
Death Angel (1990) Act III
Deerhunter [2009] Vox Celeste 5
Deerhunter 2008 Microcastle
Deerhunter 2009 rainwater cassette Exchange
Deftones 2007 Got Milk
Deftones Adrenaline
Deftones Deftones
Deftones Santiago de Chile 13 2 2007
Delorean (2009) Ayrton Senna
Depeche Mode 2009 Fragile Tension Hole to Feed
Devendra Banhart Baby
Devendra Banhart 2009 Baby
Devendra Banhart 2009 What will we be
Dextro [2009] Winded
Dez Mona Hilfe Kommt 2009
Di Meola Di Meola plays Piazzolla
Dial M for Murder! Fiction of Her Dreams (2009)
Dido Safe Trip Home 2008
digitalism 2009 taken away (justice remix)
Dirty Projectors 2009 Temecula Sunrise EP
Dirty Projectors 2009 Temecula Sunrise
Dismal Rubino Liquido (2003) Three Scarlet Drops
Divididos (1985) Por La Felicidad
Division Day [2009] Visitation
DJ rupture and Matt Shadetek Solar Life Raft [2009]
Do Make Say Think Other Truths (2009)
Dominique Leone Abstract Expression (2009)
Dorian Concept 2009 When planets explode
Dorothy Ashby (1965) The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby
Dov [2009] Earth Bleed
Down to the Bone Future Boogie (2009)
Draconian The Burning Halo
Drapht (2005) Who Am I
Dubphonic Relight (2009)
Dustin O'Halloran An American Affair OST (2009)
Dustin O'Halloran Piano Solos Vol. 2
E Broken Toy Shop
E (1992) A Man Called (E)
E (1993) Broken Toy Shop
Early Day Miners The Treatment (2009)
Earthly Delights (2009)
EDIUS 4.51c Released 10.08.07
Educated Animals Timebomb (single) (2009)
Eels End Times (2010)
Eliot Wilder Estupido Cupido (2009)
Elis Dark Clouds In A Perfect Sky
Elvis Perkins In Dearland 2009 Doomsday EP
Emancipator 2010 Safe in the Steep Cliffs
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton (2007) What Is Free to a Good Home EP
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton 2006 Knives Don't Have Your Back
Emily Haines (1996) (Cut In Half And Also Double)
Eminem Relapse Refill (2009)
Erik Satie The Minimalism Of Erik Satie 2009
Espers III [2009]
Etienne Jaumet Night Music [2009]
Evening Hymns 2009 Spirit Guides
everybody was in the french resistance.... now 2010 fixin' the charts, volume 1
Faith No More Angel Dust
Faith No More The Real Thing
Faith no more . A Small Victory (Single)
Faith No More Demos 1988
Faith no more 1985 We Care a Lot
Faith no more 1987 Introduce Yourself
Faith no more 1995 King For A Day Fool For A Lifetime
Faith no more 1997 Album Of The Year
Fanga 2009 Sira Ba
Far Corner Intermission (2009)
Fatboy Slim Illuminati [2002]
Fatboy Slim 2009 The Bootlegs Vol 4.5
Fatboy Slim 2009 Dance Bitch
Faust Cest Com Com Complique (2009)
Fax [2009] Colorante EP
Fear Factory Mechanize (2010)
Fear Factory 1992 Soul Of A New Machine
Fear Factory 2002 Concrete
Feed Me! [2009] Marching Stickmen
Felix da Housecat 2009 He Was King
Fennesz and Ryuichi Sakamoto Cendre [2007]
Fever Ray Seven [2009]
Fever Ray Stranger Than Kindness Here Before [2009]
Fever Ray Stranger Than Kindness & Here Before [2009]
Finneyerkes Chicago
Flamin Lips (2009) Embrionic
Fleet Foxes (2008) Fleet Foxes
Former Ghosts Fleurs [2009]
Four Tet Much Love To The Plastic People [2009]
Franz Ferdinand (2004) Franz Ferdinand
Freelance Whales Weathervanes (2009)
French Teen Idol El Siete Es La Luz
Frolic Through The Park (1988)
Fruit Bats 2009 The Ruminant Band
Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport
Gardenia 2009 Invocacion a los Pajaros
Girls album
Girls 2009 album
Girls 2009 album
Go Music Go (2009) Expressions
God Help The Girl Stills EP (2009)
Grand Archives Keep In Mind Frankenstein (2009)
Grand Archives (2009) Keep in Mind Frankenstein
Grant Lee Phillips (2009)
Grant Green (1961) Gooden's Corner
Grizzly Bear (2009) Veckatimest (special edition bonus cd)
Gui Boratto (2009) No Turning Back
Gui Boratto 2009 Take My Breath Away Remix
Gusgus (2009) Thin Ice Remixes
Hadouken! M.A.D [2009]
Hadouken! For The Masses (2010)
Haggard 1994 Progressive [EP]
Haggard 1995 Die Irae Dies Illa
Haggard 1997 And Thou Shalt Trust... The Seer
Haggard 2000 Awaking The Centuries
Haggard 2001 Awaking the Gods Live in Mexico
Haggard 2004 Eppur Si Muove
Haggard 2008 Tales Of Ithiria
Half Dub Theory (2009) FLOATING
Hannu 2009 Hintergarten
Harold Budd & Clive Wright Candylion (2009)
Hatifnats Before It Is Too Late (2009) www.polish tender
HEALTH [2009] Get Color
HEALTH [2009] Get Color
Helena Arlock 2009 Old Dirty Hound
hella (2002 09) Botton of the Hill
Hella (2003) Live in SF (03.07.2003)
Hella (2005) Concentration Face_Homeboy
Hella (2005) Concentration Face_Homeboy
Hella (2006) Acoustics EP
Hella (2008) There's No 666 In Outer Space
Helloween Unarmed (2009)
Hellyeah 2007 Hellyeah
Hey Today! If I Was Wonderman
holopaw oh glory oh wilderness main
Hope Sandoval & the Warm Inventions Bavarian Fruit Bread (2001)
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions Through The Devil Softly
Horcas 1990 Reinara la tempestad
Horcas 1992 Oid mortales el grito sangrado
Horcas 1999 Eternos
Horcas 2002 Horcas
Horcas 2004 Demencial
Horcas 2006 Asesino
Horse Shoes The Imperial School EP (2009)
I Am Above On The Left (2005) Idem
I Am Above On The Left (2006) An A Bomb To Wake Up
If These Trees Could Talk Above The Earth, Below The Sky
Illnath (2001) Angelic Voices Calling
In This Moment The Dream Ultraviolet Edition (2008)
Inara George Accidental Experimental (everloving, 2009)
Inara George Accidental Experimental (2009)
Infinite Scale Knock Twice [2009]
Interpol (2002) Turn On The Bright Lights
Islands Vapours [2009]
Isolee (2009) Albacares
J. Tillman Year in the Kingdom
Jaga Jazzist 1996 Jævla Jazzist Grete Stitz
Jaga Jazzist 2001 A Livingroom Hush
Jaga Jazzist 2003 Animal Chin
Jaga Jazzist 2003 The Stix
Jaga Jazzist 2004 Day
Jaga Jazzist 2005 What We Must
Jagga Jazzist 1998 Magazine
Jail There's No Sky (Oh My My) cs [Burger Records, 2009]
Jan Garbarek Group Dresden in Concert (Live) (2009)
Japanese Birds Vol. 3 Yurikamome
Japanese Birds Vol. 6 Kamo
Japanese Birds Vol. 7 Kujakubato
Japanese Birds Vol.1 Suzume
Japanese Birds Vol.2 Fukurou
Japanische Kampfhoerspiele Bilder Fressen Strom (2010)
Jay Z The BluePrint 3 (Retail) (2009) (FlowActivo.Com)
Jay Soto Mesmerized (2009)
jazzsteppa jazzsteppa (2009)
Jean Brion 2001 Meaningless
JeanBaptist Undress and Come [EP]
JeanBaptist 2009 Undress and Come [EP]
Jermook Songs from the trees 2009_
Jesse Cook The Rumba Foundation (2009)
Jesu Opiate Sun (2009)
Jhon lennon 2004 Acoustic
Joanna Wang Joanna And Wang Ruo Lin (2009)
Joanna Wang Start From Here
Joe Satriani 1998 Crystal Planet
Joe Satriani 2004 Is There Love In Space
John Abercrombie Wait Till You See Her (2009)
John Lee Hooker Alone [Disc 1] The Early Show
John Lee Hooker 1976 Alone Disco 2
John Lennon Disco 1
John Lennon Disco 2
John Lennon Disco 4
John Lennon Legend cd1
John Lennon legend cd2
John Lennon & Yoko Ono 1980 Double Fantasy
John Lennon & Yoko Ono 1983 Milk And Honey
John Lennon & Yoko ono 1987 Sometimes In New York City Live Jam' 72
John Lennon 1971 Imagine
John Lennon 1973 Mind Games
John Lennon 1974 Walls & Bridges
John Lennon 1975 Rock 'N' Roll
John Lennon 1982 The John Lennon Collection
John Lennon 1986 Imagine (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
John Lennon 1986 Live In New York City
John Lennon 1986 Menlove Avenue (sessions 1974 75)
John Lennon 1998 John Lennon Anthology (Disco 3)
John Lennon 1998 Wonsaponatime
John Lennon 2000 double fantasy remastered
Jono El Grande (2009) Neo Dada
Jónsi & Alex Rain Down My Favorite Songs
Jonsi & Alex All Animals EP
Joss Stone Colour Me Free (2009)
Joy Orbison Hyph Mngo Wet Look [2009]
Judas Priest (2009) Live 2009 1
Judas Priest (2009) Live 2009 2
Julian Casablanca 2009 Phrazes for the Young
Julio Cortazar Casa de las America, La Habana 1978
Julio Cortazar Cortazar Lee a Cortazar (Paris, Diciembre 1966)
Julio Cortazar Cortázar por el mismo un libro sonoro 1970
Julio Cortazar Voz Viva de America Latina
Junior Boys Begone Dull Care
Kampion Chupacabra's Syndrome [2009]
Karen Ann [2003] Not Going Anywhere
Karen Ann [2000] La Biographie de Luka Philipsen
Karen Ann [2002] La Disparition
Karen Ann [2003] Lady & Bird
Karen Ann [2004] Nolita
Karen Ann [2007] Keren Ann
Karen O and the kids Where the wild things are
Katatonia Night Is The New Day (2009)
Kayne West (2005) Late Registration
Kazuki Tomokawa Inakamono No Kara Genki
Kazuki Tomokawa (1999) sora no sakana
Kazuki Tomokawa (2004) Itsuku Tooku O Miteita
Kazuki Tomokawa (2005) Live Osaka Banana Hall
Kazuki Tomokawa (2008) Blue Water Red Water
Kazumasha Hashimoto (2006) Gllia
Kid Harpoon Once (2009)
Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
King Midas Sound Waiting For You [cargo, 2009]
Kings Of Convenience Kings Of Convenience
Kings of Convenience Quiet Is The New Loud (2001) (V0)
Kings Of Convenience Riot On An Empty Street
Kings of Convenience riot on an empty street v0
Kings of Convenience Versus
Kings Of Convenience Declaration Of Dependence (2009)
Kitsuné Maison Compilation Vol. 8 (2009)
Kitsuné Maison Compilation Vol. 8 (2009)_
Kittie In The Black (2009)
Klaus Nomi Klaus Nomi
Knight, Aidan Versicolour 2009
Korn 2009 Digital EP #1 [EP]
Kreng L'Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu (Miasmah, 2009)
Kria Brekkan Uterus Water
Kruder & Dorfmeister 1996 DJ Kicks
Kruder & Dorfmeister 1999 Count Basic Remixes
Kruder and Dorfmeister Sessions CD 2
Kruder and Dorfmeister 1999 Sessions CD 1
Kutomo Lauluja Surun Kaaresta 2009
la noche rugidora
La Roux Bulletproof [2009]
Lake 2009 Let's Build a Roof
Lal Meri 2009 Lal Meri
Lali Puna (2005) I Thought I Was Over That Disco 1
Lali Puna (2005) I Thought I Was Over That Disco 2
Lamb Live @ Palladium, Warsaw, Poland 14 8 2009
Lamb Of God (2000) New America Gospel
Lamb Of God (2003) As The Palaces Burn
Lamb Of God (2004) Ashes Of The Wake
Lamb Of God (2006) Sacrament
Lamb Of God (2009) Wrath
Lambo White 2009 Wonderdays EP
Langhorne Slim Be Set Free (2009)
Laura Veirs July Flame (2010)
Le Loup Family [2009]
Let My Children Hear Music
Lhasa de Sela Rising (2009)
Liars 2009 Sisterworld
Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights ()
Lil' Wayne Rebirth (2010)
Linkin Park LPU9 (2009)
Little Dragon 2009 Machine Dreams
Living Colour The Chair In The Doorway (2009)
Local Natives Gorilla Manor
Local Natives Gorilla Manor [2009]
Loney, Dear Dear John
Los Campesinos 2009 The Romance is boring
Lotus Oil on Glass Feather on Wood [2009]
Louis Armstrong Sweet & Lowdonwn
Lucy Jane (2009) I Live To Help Others
Luigi Rubino A Theme For The Moon
Luis Armstrong The Great Louis
Lye By Mistake Fea Jur (2009)
Lymbyc Systym Shutter Release [2009]
M.I.A 2007 Kala
Macbeth Malae Artes
Madlove White with Foam (2009)
MagicNumber Those the brokes
Magnolia Electric Co. josephine (2009)
Manic Street Preachers (2009) Journal For Plague Lovers
Mano Negra 1988 Patchanka
Mano Negra 1988 Patchanka
Mano Negra 1989 Puta's Fever
Mano Negra 1989 Puta's Fever
Mano Negra 1991 Amerika Perdida
Mano Negra 1991 King Of Bongo
Mano Negra 1991 Amerika Perdida
Mano Negra 1991 King Of Bongo
Mano Negra 1992 In the Hell of Patchinko
Mano Negra 1992 In the Hell of Patchinko
Mano Negra 1994 Casa Babylon
Mano Negra 1994 Casa Babylon
Mano Negra 1998 Best of Mano Negra
Mano Negra 1998 Best of Mano Negra
Manu Chao Baionarena CD1 (2009)
Mario Biondi If (2009)
Mark Knopfler Get Lucky (2009)
Mark, Carolyn and Arbuckle, N Q Let's Just Stay Here 2009
Martha Wainwright Sans Fusils, Ni Souliers, A Paris Martha Wainwright's Piaf Record (2009)
Maserati Passages [2009]
Massive Attack Splitting the Atom EP (2009)
Massive Attack 2010 Heligoland (LP)
Mastodon (2009) Crack the Skye
Matias Aguayo Ay Ay Ay [2009]
Matias Aguayo Rollerskate Remixes [2009]
Matias Aguayo [2009] Rebolledo Bo Jack Pitaya Frenesí
Matmos (2008) Supreme Balloon
Maybeshewill 2006 Japanese Spy Transcript EP
Megadeth Count down to extintion
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying
Megadeth Risk
Megadeth Rust In Peace
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
Megadeth The System Has Failed
Megadeth The World Needs a Hero
Megadeth United Abominations
Megadeth Youthanasia
Megadeth Endgame (2009)
Megadeth (1985) Killing is my business... and business is good!
Megadeth (1985) Killing is my business... and business is good!
Megaherz Totgesagte Leben Langer (2009)
Melodium 10 years (2009)
mercado central
Merzbow Karasu_13_Japanese_Birds_Part_4 2009 BERC
Merzbow Karasu_13_Japanese_Birds_Part_4 2009 BERC
Merzbow 13 Japanese Birds Part V
Meshuggah (1995) Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah (1995) Destroy, Erase, Improve
Meshuggah (1995) Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah (1995) Destroy, Erase, Improve
Meshuggah (1995) Selfcaged (EP)
Meshuggah (1998) Chaosphere
Meshuggah (1998) Chaosphere
Meshuggah (2001) Rare Trax
Meshuggah (2001) Rare Trax
Meshuggah (2004) I [EP]
Meshuggah (2004) I [EP]
Meshuggah (2005) Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah (2005) Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah (2006) Nothing (Re release)
Meshuggah (2006) re Nothing
Meshuggah (2006) Nothing (Re release)
Meshuggah (2006) re Nothing
Meshuggah (2008) Chaosphere
Meshuggah (2008) obZen
Meshuggah (2008) Chaosphere
Meshuggah (2008) obZen
Messuggah 1991 Contradictions Collapse & None
Mesuggah Nothing 02
Mesuggah 2002 Nothing
Metallica And Justice For Jason (Album Version With Added Bass)
Metallica Hero of the Day Single
Metallica Live Shit Binge & Purge (disc 1)
Metallica Live Shit Binge & Purge (disc 2)
Metallica Live Shit Binge & Purge (disc 3)
Metallica S&M
MetallicA St. Anger (ReEdit)
Metallica Francais Pour Une Nuit (2009)
Metric Fantasies (2009)
Metric Live it out
Metric Mainstream (1998)
Metric Old world underground, where are you now
Metric Static Anonymity
Metric (2006) Poster Of A Girl (SG)
MGMT Oracular Spectacular
MGMT [2009] Of Moons, Birds And Monsters
MGMT 2007 Oracular Spectacular
Micachu & The Shapes 2009 Jewellery
Michelle Amador (2009) Higher
Miles Davis Kind of Blue
ministry 1983 With Sympathy
ministry 1983 Work For Love
ministry 1984 Twelve Inch Singles
ministry 1986 Twitch
ministry 1988 The Land Of Rape And Honey
ministry 1989 The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste
ministry 1990 In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)
ministry 1990 Power Department (Live)
ministry 1992 Cold Metal (Live)
ministry 1992 Psalm 69
ministry 1993 Box Singles Moro
ministry 1995 Filth Pig
ministry 1999 Dark Side Of The Spoon
ministry 2001 Greatest Fits
ministry 2002 Sphinctour
ministry 2003 Animositisomina
ministry 2004 Early Trax
ministry 2004 Side Trax
ministry 2005 Rantology
ministry 2006 Rio Grande Blood
ministry 2007 Rio Grande Dub
ministry 2007 The Last Sucker
Ministry 2008 Cover Up (Promo)
Mira 2005 vetustamorla
miRtjjkon Vehicle
Moby [2009] Mistake Remixes
Moderat The Unofficial Mixes Of Moderat Pt #1 [2009]
Mogwai Happy Songs For Happy People(2003)
Mogwai Mr. Beast(2006)
Mogwai Rock Action(2001)
Mogwai Young Team(1997)
Mogwai 1997 Ten Rapid
mogwai come on die young
Mogwai Happy Songs For Happy People(2003)
Mogwai Young Team(1997)
Mogwai 2008 Young Team (Deluxe Edition)
Moly It Rained, But We Cheered
Moly Your Life Is In Danger PT1
Monolake Silence (2009)
Monsters Of Folk Monsters Of Folk (2009)
Moonface 2009 (single) marimba
Motorhead Ace of Spades
Motorhead Another Perfect Day
Motorhead Bastards
Motorhead Bomber
Motorhead Hammered
Motorhead Inferno
Motorhead Iron Fist
Motorhead Kiss of Death
Motorhead March ör Die
Motorhead Motörhead
Motorhead Motörizer
Motorhead On Parole
Motorhead Oracular Spectacular
Motorhead Orgasmatron
Motorhead Overkill
Motorhead Overnight Sensation
Motorhead Sacrifice
Motorhead Snake Bite Love
Motorhead We Are Motörhead
Motorhead Kiss of Death
Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns In the Fishtank (2003)
Mowgai 2008 The Hawk Is Howling
Mowgai 2008 Young Team (Deluxe Edition)
Muddy Waters Chicago Blues band They Done It Again (vol. 2)
Mudvayne the end of all things to come
Múm Prophecies & Reversed Memories [2009]
MUPH Y PLUTONIC (2006) Silence The Sirens
MUPH Y PLUTONIC (2006) Silence The Sirens
Muse 2009 The Resistance
Mutators Kill Me
MV & EE 2009 Barn Nova
My Holiday 2009 Chambre De Decompression Intellectuelle
Nada Surf The Best Of (2009)
Nadja Under The Jaguar Sun (2xCD) [2009]
Nana Grizol Ruth
Natalie Walker Urban Angel (2006)
Natalie Walker With You (2008)
Natural Snow Buildings Shadow Kingdom CD2 (2009)
Neil Landstrumm [2009] Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast
Neon Indian 2009 Psychic Chasms
Neun Welten Destrunken (2009)
Nirvana With the Lights Out Disc 1
Nirvana With the Lights Out Disc 2
Nirvana 1996 From the Muddy Banks of the Whiskah
Nisennenmondai Destination Tokyo (2009)
Nisennenmondai Destination Tokyo (2009)
Noah And The Whale 2009 The First Days Of Spring
NOFX Cokie The Clown (2009)
Noir Friction 2009 Lips Sealed
Norah Jones Albume Away With Me Jazz Mp3 Vbr
Norberto Lobo Pata Lenta 2009
O' Connor (2003) Vive Siempre
O' Connor (2008) [Especial]All Nightmare Long
O' Connor 2002 Dolorización
O' Connor 2004 El Tiempo Es Tan Pequeño
O' Connor 2006 Estamos Pariendo
O' Connor 2008 Naturaleza Muerta
Oceansize Feed To Feed CD1 (2009)
Offonoff Slap & Tickle [2009]
Olafur Arnalds eulogy for evolution
Ólafur Arnalds Dyad 1909
Olafur Arnalds (2007) Variations Of Static
Olafur Arnalds (2007) Variations Of Static
Oliver Koletzki Grossstadtmaerchen
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Los Sueños De Un Higado [2009]
Omar Rodriguez Lopez Los Sueños De Un Higado [2009]
Onsengen Ensemble Hiukkavaara Session (2005)
Onsengen Ensemble HottoïzzoH (2007)
OOIOO [2009] Armonico Hewa
Opabinia Opabinia
Orenda Fink Ask The Night (2009)
Otis Taylor Pentatonic Wars And Love Songs (2009)
Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks EP
Outkast (2008) Stankonia
Owen New Leaves (2009)
Owen Pallet 2010 Hearland
Pan Sonic and Sunn O))) with Alan Vega and Steven Burroughs Che [2009] [EP]
panda bear live @ atp 2009
Panda Bear berlin 2009
Pangaea Pangaea EP [2010]
PAPPO Buscando un amor
PAPPO causantes de esto
Pappo Pappo Sigue Vivo
Pappo Plan diabólico
Pappo Patrulha 85 Patrulha do espaco 1985
Pappo Pidamosle Peras a Mandioca Mandioca Records 1968
Pappo Riff . En Vivo en La Plata 1995
Pappo Riff Que sea Rock 1997
Pappo 1971 PAPPO'S BLUES
Pappo 1972 PAPPO'S BLUES, VOL 2
Pappo 1974 PAPPO'S BLUES, VOL 4
Pappo 1974 TRIÁNGULO (VOL 5)
Pappo 1975 PAPPO'S BLUES, VOL 6
Pappo 1978 PAPPO'S BLUES, VOL 7
Pappo 1981 Riff Ruedas De Metal
Pappo 1981 Riff Macadam 3...2...1...0
Pappo 1982 Riff Contenidos
Pappo 1983 Riff En Acción
Pappo 1984 EPICO
Pappo 1984 Pappo En Concierto
Pappo 1985 Riff En Vivo En Obras 17 12 1985
Pappo 1985 Riff VII
Pappo 1986 Riff En Paladium '86
Pappo 1987 Riff Pappo Jaf Vitico
Pappo 1992 BLUES LOCAL
Pappo 1992 Riff Zona De Nadie
Pappo 1995 PAPPO'S BLUES Caso Cerrado Vol 8
Pappo 1999 El Auto Rojo
Pappo Live in Satisfaction Pappo & Widowmaker 1989
Pappo's Blues 1997 PAPPO'S BLUES 71 75
Pappo's Blues Adios Bienvenido Riff 1980
Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us (2009)
Paradise Lost 1989 Frozen Illusion [Demo]
Paradise Lost 1990 Lost Paradise
Paradise Lost 1991 Gothic (Re released 2008)
Paradise Lost 1992 Shades Of God
Paradise Lost 1993 Icon
Paradise Lost 1994 Seals The Sense [EP]
Paradise Lost 1995 Draconian Times
Paradise Lost 1995 Draconian Times [Bonus CD]
Paradise Lost 1995 The Last Time [Single]
Paradise Lost 1997 One Second
Paradise Lost 1997 Say Just Words [Single]
Paradise Lost 1997 True Belief [Single]
Paradise Lost 1998 One Second [Single]
Paradise Lost 1998 Reflection [Best of]
Paradise Lost 1999 A Tribute To Paradise Lost As We Die For
Paradise Lost 1999 Host
Paradise Lost 1999 Permanent Solution [Single]
Paradise Lost 1999 So Much Is Lost [Single]
Paradise Lost 2001 Believe In Nothing
Paradise Lost 2001 Fader [Single]
Paradise Lost 2001 Sell It To The World [Single]
Paradise Lost 2002 Erased [Single]
Paradise Lost 2002 Isolate [Single]
Paradise Lost 2002 Symbol Of Life
Paradise Lost 2003 At the BBC [Live album]
Paradise Lost 2005 Forever After [Single]
Paradise Lost 2005 Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost 2006 B sides & Rarities
Paradise Lost 2006 Mouth [Single]
Paradise Lost 2007 In Requiem
Paradise Lost 2007 The Enemy [Single]
Paradise Lost 2008 The Anatomy of Melancholy [Live album]
Paramore Brand New Eyes (2009)
Pastels & Tenniscoats [2009] Two Sunsets
Pat Metheny Orchestrion (2010)
Patty Moon Dream Up (2009)
Paula Shocron Trío Urbes (2007)
Pear Jam Binaural
Pearl Jam RIOT ACT
Pearl_Jam_ _Backspace 2009 MOD
Pepepe 2009 Roba Orgón De Plantas Y Animales
Peter Bjorn And John Young Folks [2006]
Peter Broderick Docile
Peter Broderick Float (2008)
peter broderick & machinefabriek blank grey canvas sky (Fang Bomb, 2009)
Peter Broderick (2007) Docile
Peter Broderick (2008) Float
Petracovich Crepusculo (2009)
Phantogram (2009) Eyelid Movies
Phantogram (2009) Eye Movies
Pier Bucci 2009 Amigo EP 1
Pinback Some Voices EP
Pinback Summer in Abadon
Pinback (1999) This Is A Pinback CD
Pinback (2006) Nautical Antiques
Pinback (2007) Autumn Of The Seraphs (Bonus EP)
Placebo Ashtray Heart (2009)
Placebo 2000 Black Market Music
Polack Cine de Verano
Polvo In Prism (2009)
Porcupine Tree Stars Die The Delerium Years (1991 1997)
Porcupine Tree The Incident (2009)
Porcupine Tree (2003) XM
Porcupine Tree (2009) Ilosaarirock [Live]
Porcupine Tree 1994 Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape
Porn Sword Tobacco [2009] Everything Is Music To The Ear
Portishead [2008] Clipse Strangers . Mr Me Too (Remixes)
Portrait Painters (2010) Before the Beginning Ep
Pro pocit jistoty Program no.3 (1990)
Psychic Ills [2009] Mirror Eye
Puscifer C Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) [2009] [EP] (v0)
Puscifer C Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) [2009] [EP] (v0)
Quincy Jones (1960) I Dig Dancers
Quincy jones (1960) The Great Wide World of Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones (1961) And His Orchestra at Newport 61
Rachel Grimes Book of Leaves (2009)
Rachmaninoff (Disc 1) Earl Wild . Jascha Horenstein . Royal PO
Rachmaninoff (Disc 10) A. Chistiakov Bolshoi Teatre Orchestra and others
Rachmaninoff (Disc 11) Y. Savchuk National Academic Choir of Ukraine 'Dumka' Vespers,Op. 37
Rachmaninoff (Disc 13) V. Polyansky Russian State Symphony Cappella
Rachmaninoff (Disc 14) Various
Rachmaninoff (Disc 15) J. Rodgers, M. Popescu, A. Naoumenko and others Complete Songs Vol. 1
Rachmaninoff (Disc 16) J. Rodgers, M. Popescu, A. Naoumenko and others Complete Songs Vol. 2
Rachmaninoff (Disc 17) J. Rodgers, M. Popescu, A. Naoumenko and others Complete Songs Vol. 3
Rachmaninoff (Disc 18) Borodin Trio Piano Trios
Rachmaninoff (Disc 2) Earl Wild Jascha Horenstein Royal PO
Rachmaninoff (Disc 20) N. Lugansky Etudes tableaux Op.33 & 39
Rachmaninoff (Disc 21) S. Rodriguez Preludes, Corelli Variations, etc
Rachmaninoff (Disc 22 ) S. Rodriguez Piano Sonata No. 1, Preludes Op. 32
Rachmaninoff (Disc 23) Santiago Rodriguez
Rachmaninoff (Disc 24) Various Moment Musicaux etc
Rachmaninoff (Disc 25) G. Ohlsson Piano WorksTranscriptions
Rachmaninoff (Disc 27) I. Thorson J. Thurber Works For Piano Duet I
Rachmaninoff (Disc 28) I. Thorson J. Thurber Works For Piano Duet II
Rachmaninoff (Disc 29) Rachmaninoff Stokowski, Horowitz Coates Historical Recordings
Rachmaninoff (Disc 3) G. Rozhdestvensky USSR Ministry Of Culture SO
Rachmaninoff (Disc 30) Richter Agarkov Kondrashin Historical Recordings
Rachmaninoff (Disc 4) Various
Rachmaninoff (Disc 5) V. Polyansky Russian State SO
Rachmaninoff (Disc 6) V. Polyansky Russian State SO
Rachmaninoff (Disc 8) V. Polyansky Russian State SO and others
Rachmaninoff (Disc 9) I. Buketoff Iceland SO and others
Radiant City [2009] Terminal Drift
Radiohead Amnesiac_(Collectors_Edition) 2CD 2009 SiRE
Radiohead Hail_to_the_Thief_(Collectors_Edition) 2CD 2009 ONe
Radiohead Kid_A_(Collectors_Edition) 2CD 2009 ONe
Radiohead Amnesiac_(Collectors_Edition) 2CD 2009 SiRE
Radiohead Hail_to_the_Thief_(Collectors_Edition) 2CD 2009 ONe
Radiohead Kid_A_(Collectors_Edition) 2CD 2009 ONe
Radiohead C Sides EP
Radiohead C Sides EP
Radiohead Live at Cytadela City Park, Poznan, Poland, 25.08.2009
Radiohead and Dirty Funkers 2009 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx PT II (2009)
Raison D'?tre The Stains of the Embodied Sacrifice (2009)
Ralph Towner and Paolo Fresu Chiaroscuro (2008)
Rammstein Liebe Ist Fu Alle Da Bonus CD (2009)
Rammstein Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da (2009)
Ramones (1975 1980) Raisin' Hell Amsterdam
Ramones (1975 1981) On The Road To Ruin
Ramones (1978) Gabba Gabba Hey (Fuck The Grind) 31 12 78 U.S.A
Ramones (1982) The Chinese Wall 20 7 82 U.S.A
Ramones (1988) Halfway To Russia 6 88 Live in Finlandia
Ramones (1992) Live In Rome
Ramones (1992) Subterranean B.A. 17 9 92 Live in Argentina
Ramones 1,2,3,4 Die (1979 Live)
Ramones Greatest Hits Live
Ramones Hey ho let's go!, Anthology CD1 1999.ofn
Ramones Hey ho let's go!, Anthology CD2 1999.ofn
Ramones mania 2
Ramones Rock 'n' roll high school
Ramones We're Outta Here!
Ramones 1991 Loco Live
Relient K Forget & Not Slow Down (2009)
Reservoir 2009 Fanfarlo
Richard Devine Lipswitch [2001]
Richard Youngs Under Stellar Stream [2009]
RJD2 Tin Foil Hat (EP) (2009)
Rob Crow [2007] I Hate You
rob crow 2003 my room is a mess
Robotobibok (2000) Jogging
Robotobibok (2002) Instytut Las
Robotobibok (2004) Nawyki Przyrody
Robotobibok [2002] Instytut Las
Rodrigo y Gabriela 1111 (2009)
Rolling Stones Forty Licks Disc 1
Rolling Stones . Forty Licks Disc 2
Rolling Stones 1964 12x5
Rolling Stones 1964 Rolling Stones Englands's Newst Hitmakers
Rolling Stones 1964 The Rolling Stones No.2
Rolling Stones 1965 December's Children (and Everybody's)
Rolling Stones 1965 Out of Our Heads
Rolling Stones 1965 Rolling Stones Now!
Rolling Stones 1966 Aftermath
Rolling Stones 1966 Got Live if You Want It
Rolling Stones 1967 Between the Buttons
Rolling Stones 1967 Flowers
Rolling Stones 1967 Their Satanic Majesties Request
Rolling Stones 1968 Beggar's Banquet
Rolling Stones 1969 Let It Bleed
Rolling Stones 1970 Get Yer Ya Ya's Out
Rolling Stones 1971 Sticky Fingers
Rolling Stones 1972 Exile on Main Street
Rolling Stones 1973 Goats Head Soup
Rolling Stones 1974 It's Only Rock and Roll
Rolling Stones 1976 Black and Blue
Rolling Stones 1977 Love You Live Cd1
Rolling Stones 1977 Love You Live Cd2
Rolling Stones 1978 Some Girls
Rolling Stones 1980 Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones 1981 Tattoo You
Rolling Stones 1982 Still Life
Rolling Stones 1983 Undercover
Rolling Stones 1986 Dirty Work
Rolling Stones 1989 Steel Wheels
Rolling Stones 1989 The London Years Cd1
Rolling Stones 1989 The London Years Cd2
Rolling Stones 1989 The London Years Cd3
Rolling Stones 1991 Flashpoint
Rolling Stones 1994 Voodoo Lounge
Rolling Stones 1995 Stripped
Rolling Stones 1997 Bridges to Babylon
Rolling Stones 1998 No Security
Rolling Stones 2005 A Bigger Bang
Rolling Stones Forty Licks Disc 2
Rome Flowers From Exile (2009)
Royksopp 2009 This Must Be it
Rusko [2009] Cockney Thug
Russian State Symphony Cappella V. Polyansky Rachmaninoff Edition (Disc 12)
Rye'n Clover 2009 Pencil paper & scissors
Ryuichi Sakamoto Playing the Piano 2009 Japan [2009.09.23] [192kbps]
Said the Whale Islands Disappear (2009)
Salim Nourallah 2009 Constellation (V0)
Sarah Jane Morris Where It Hurts (2009)
savoy grand 2009 accident book
Schnaak (2009) Women on ships are bad luck
Schoenberg's, Elvis Orchestre Surreal It´s Alive! (2004)
Sebastien Grainger Who Do We Care For [2009]
SecondaryCell [2008] I Saw The Milky Way
Sennen Destroy Us [2009]
Shit Robot [2009] Simple Things (Work It Out)
Shout Out Louds 2010 Work
Shpongle Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland (2009)
Siberian RAilway 2009 Tokio blues
Sigur Rós Gobbledigook Remixes [2009]
Silver Apples (1968) Silver Apples
Silversun Pickups 2006 Pikul
Siren On Jonna Enckell (2008)
Sitti Contagious (2009)
Ska P El vals del obrero
Ska P Eurosis
Ska P Incontrolable
Ska P Lagrimas y gozos
Ska P Planeta skoria
Ska P Que corra la voz!
Ska P skap
Skip James 1931 Sessions
Sky Larkin The Golden Spike (2009)
Skye 2009 Keeping Secrets
Slaraffenland We're On Your Side [2009]
Slayer 1983 Show No Mercy
Slayer 1984 Haunting The Chapel
Slayer 1985 Hell Awaits
Slayer 1986 Reign In Blood
Slayer 1988 South Of Heaven
Slayer 1990 Seasons In The Abyss
Slayer 1994 Divine Intervention
Slayer 1998 Diabolus In Musica
Slayer 2001 God Hates Us All
Slayer 2006 Christ Illusion
Sleigh Bells 2009 Demo
Slipknot Slipknot (10th Anniversary Edition) (2009)
Slivovitz Hubris (2009)
Slow Club Yeah So (2009)
Smog Burning Kingdom (EP) (1994) (sr)
Smog floating (ep) (1991) (sr)
Smog kicking a couple around ep (1996)
Smog 'neath the puke tree (2000) (sr)
Smog Rock Bottom Riser (Single) (2006) (sr)
Smog strayed (cd ep) (2000) (sr)
Smog The Manta Rays Of Time (EP) (2000) (sr)
Smog 1992 Smog Forgotten Foundation (sr)
Smog 1990 Smog Sewn to the sky (sr)
Smog 1993 Smog Julius Caesar (sr)
Smog 1995 smog wild love
Smog 1996 Smog Doctor Came At Dawn
Smog 1997 Smog Red Apple Falls
Smog 1999 smog knock knock
Smog 2000 (smog) dongs of sevotion (sr)
Smog 2001 (smog) rain on lens (sr)
Smog 2003 Smog supper
Smog 2005 Smog A river ain't too much to love
Smog 2007 Bill Callahan Woke On A Whaleheart
Smog Bill Callahan Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle (2009
Smokey Robinson Time Flies When You're Having Fun (2009)
Sneaker pimps Becoming X
Sneaker pimps Bloodsport
Sneaker pimps Splinter
Snow in mexico 2009 SnowMex
So Cow 2009 So Cow
Soap & Skin 2009 Marche Funebre EP
Sole and the Skyrider Band (2009) Plastique
Sonic Youth 1985 Bad Moon Rising
Spinetta 1999 Los Ojos
Spiritualized Live at OFF Festival (2009)
Sr Amable [2009] CUU
STAR Devastator [2007]
Sterolab (1997) Dots And Loops
Steve Reich (1978) Music For 18 Musicians
Steve Vai Where The Wild Things Are (2009)
Still Life Still 2009 Girls Come Too
Stone Roses The stone roses CD 1 The Stone Roses
Stone Roses The stone roses CD 2 Extras
Stone Roses The stone roses CD 3 The Lost Demos
stornoway stornoway (2010)
Stripmall Architecture 2009 Object 3
Stripmall Architecture 2009 We were flying kites
Sufjan Stevens A Sun Came!
Sufjan Stevens Enjoy Your Rabbit
Sufjan Stevens Illinois
Sufjan Stevens Michigan
Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans
Sufjan Stevens Songs for Christmas
Sufjan Stevens The Avalanche
Sufjan Stevens The BQE (2009)
Sufjan Stevens 2005 Outtakes & Rarities
Sumo Greatest Hits
Sumo Obras Cumbres CD 1
Sumo Obras Cumbres CD 2
SUMO After Chabon (1987)
SUMO Corpiños en la Madrugada (Reedición 1992)
SUMO After Chabon (1987)
SUMO Corpiños en la Madrugada (Reedición 1992)
SUMO (1986) Llegando Los Monos
SUMO (1986) Llegando Los Monos
SUMO (1989) Fiebre
SUMO (1989) Fiebre
SUMO (tributo) Fuck You
SUMO (tributo) Fuck You
Sweet Trip 2009 You Will Never Know Why
t.A.T.u. Waste Management (2009)
tape Repainted Remixes [2009]
Taste Taste (1969)
Team Sleep Team Sleep [2005]
Teitur 2009 All my Mistakes
Telefon Tel Aviv Immolate Yourself Remixes [2010]
Telepopmusik Ghost Girl (2009)
Tera Melos Drugs to the Dear Youth [EP]
Tera Melos 2005 Tera Melos
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down 2009 Know Better Learn Faster
The Album Leaf A Chourus Of Storytellers
The Antlers 2009 Hospice
The Apple and the Tooth (2009)
The Arcade Fire 2009 Funeral
The Atomica Project 2009 Overseas (Ep)
The Basics Keep Your Friends Close (2009)
The Best Pessimist 2009 Autumn Leaves
The Big Pink A Brief History Of Love (2009)
The Black Ghosts [2009] Full Moon
The Boats Words Are Something Else [2009]
The Boats [2009] Words Are Something Else
The Chadima, Mikolas & Extempore Band The City
The Chadima, Mikolas & Extempore Band The dreams of the metropolitan inhabitant
The Cinematic Orchestra Past, Present & Future [2007]
The Cinematics Love and Terror (2009)
the courteeners 2010 you overdid it doll (single)
The Cribs – Ignore The Ignorant (Deluxe Edition) 2009
The Cure 1992 Wish
The Cure 1992 Wish pintamicerca
The Cure 1996 Wild Mood Swings pt1 pintamicerca
The Cure 1996 Wild Mood Swings pt2 pintamicerca
The Cure 2000 Bloodflowers
The Dear Hunter Act 1. The Lake South, The River North
The Dear Hunter Act II. The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading
The Dear Hunter (2009) Act III Life and Death
The Decemberists 2009 The Hazards of Love
The Depreciation Guild Dream About Me [2009]
The Doors Live In New York CD1 (2009)
The Doors Live In New York CD4 (2009)
The Doors Live In New York CD5 (2009)
The Doors Live In New York CD6 (2009)
The Exaltics Invasion 2008
The Fall Of Troy In The Unlikely Event (2009)
The Fauns The Fauns [2009]
The Fiery Furnaces Take Me Round Again 2009
The Flaming Lips The Dark Side of the Moon (2009)
The Flaming Lips Embryonic (2009)
The Flaming Lips 2008 Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots
The Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs With Henry Rollins and Peaches Doing The Dark Side of the Moon
the herbaliser (2002) time to build distinguished jamaican english (320)
the herbaliser (2002) time to build distinguished jamaican english (320)
The Horrors Primary Colours (2009)
the irrepressibles mirror mirror (2010)
The Killers Live From The Royal Albert Hall (2009)
The knife 2006 Silent Shout
The Lounge Lizards 1982 The Lounge Lizards
The Magnetic Fields 2010 Realism
The Mercury Program Chez Viking [2009]
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart Live at OFF Festival (2009)
The Phenomenal Handclap Band 2009 The Phenomenal Handclap Band
The Prodigy 2009 Take Me To The Hospital [V2]
The Rapture Mirror
The Rapture Pieces Of The People We Love [2006]
the rapture black session 10 2 3
The Rapture (2003) Echoes
The Rapture (2003) Echoes
the rapture 2007 live at soho
The Residents The Third Reich 'n Roll
The Retuses Echo (2009)
The Rippingtons Modern Art (2009)
The Season Standard Squeeze me ahead of line (2008)
The shins 2009 Chutes too Narrow
The Silk Demise Midnight Eyes (2009)
The Slew 100% [2009]
The smahing Pumpkins 1994 Unplugged 100% Pure Acoustic Performances
The smashing Pumkins 1995 The Aeroplane Flies High
The Spinto Band 2005 Nice And Nicely Done
The Streets (2004) A Grand Don't Come For Free
The Subhuman 2009 Sur La Route
The Tangerine Poetrees 2009 The second album {the album of measured pleasures}
The Tiny Gravity & Grace 2009
The Twilight Sad Forget The Night Ahead (2009)
The Twilight Saga 2009 New Moon
The Very Best 2009 Warm Heat Of Africa
The Who BBC Sessions
The Who Blues To The Bush CD 3
The Who Blues To The Bush CD1
The Who Blues To The Bush CD2
The Who Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
The Who My Generation The Very Best Of The Who
The Who Who Are You (1978 UK Rock)
The Who Who's Next (1971)
The Who 1965 The Who Sings My Generation
The Who 1966 The Who A Quick One
The Who 1967 The Who Sell Out
The Who 1969 Tommy
The Who 1973 Quadrophenia
The Who 1975 The Who By Numbers
The Who 1981 Face Dances
The Who 1982 It's Hard
The Who 2006 Endless Wire
The Wombats A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation
The Wombats Black Session at France Inter FM 21 Jan 08 oothe
The Wombats Girls, Boys and Marsupials
The xx 2009 Crystalised (Single)
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures (2009)
Thom Yorke 2009 Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses bw The Hollow Earth
Thomas FUnction In the Valley of Sinkness 2009
Thomas Muller Mindre [2009]
throw me the statue (2009) Creaturesque
Tiga 2005 Louder Than A Bomb
Times New Viking Born Again Revisited 2009
tom mcrae the alphabet of hurricanes (2010)
Tom Waits 2009 Glitter and Doom Live (VO)
Toro Y Moi 2010 Causers of This
Tortoise standards
Tortoise (2009) Beacons Of Ancestorship
Towa Tei Best Korea [192kbps]
towa tei last century modern [2000]
Towa Tei Sound Museum 1
Towa Tei Sound Museum2
Towa Tei Best
Tricky Tricky Meets South Rakkas Crew [2009]
Tristeza 2005 Tour CD [2005]
Truman Peyote Light Lightning [2009]
Tune Yards 2009 Birds Brains
Tv on the radio 2006 Return to the cookie mountain
Twiggy Frostbite Through fire [2009]
Tyondai Braxton [2009] Central Market
Umlaut (2009) Umlaut
Umlaut 2009 Umlaut
Under the elephan skin Journals [EP] (2009)
Underworld vs The Misterons Athens [2009]
united nations of sound are you ready (single) (2010)
UNKLE (2009) Showreel
Untold [2009] Sweat Dante
VA Ghana Special Modern Highlife, Afro Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968 91 [Soundway, 2009]
VA All Hollow's Eve Mixtape 2009
VA The Rapture !K7 Tapes (!K7 229 CD)
Vampire Weekend Conta (myspace rip)
Vampire Weekend Contra Megamelt [2010]
various artists we overdid it guys (2010)
Vaski Terror Dome [2009]
Velvet Davenport Lemon Drop Square Box 2009
Venetian Snares Meathole [2005]
Venetian Snares [2009] Horsey Noises
Vic Chesnutt Is The Actor Happy (1995)
Vic Chesnutt Skitter On Take Off (2009)
Vic Chesnutt West Of Rome (1992)
Vic Chesnutt At the Cut (2009)
Vic Chesnutt 1998 salesman & bernadette
Vic Chesnutt 2007 North Star Deserter
Violet Indiana (Roulette 2001)
Virtual Boy How Long Does It Take To Get To Space_ [2009]
Virus Tierra Del Fuego
Virus 1981 Wadu Wadu
Virus 1982 Recrudece
Virus 1983 Agujero Interior
Virus 1984 Relax
Virus 1985 Locura
Virus 1987 Grandes Exitos
Virus 1987 Superficies de Placer
Vision Divine (2009) 9 Degrees West of the Moon
Volcano Choir Unmap (2009)
voxtrot berlin, without return (b side collection) (2009)
voxtrot demo (2005)
voxtrot voxtrot (2007)
Washed Out Life of Leisure [2009]
Washed Out 2009 High Times
We are the arms 2009 Togetherness
We Insist! Crude (2004)
We Insist! Inner pond (2002)
We Insist! The Babel inside was terrible (2009)
We insist! Oh things are so corruptible (2007)
White Mice Ganjahovahdose (2009)
White Rainbow New Clouds [2009]
Wilco (2002) Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wild Beasts [2009] Two Dancers
Wild Beasts [2009] Two Dancers
WILDCATTING How to survive a sneak atack
Within Temptation Mother earth
Within Temptations The heart of everything
WithinTtemptation Enter
Wood workings winter lives in our hands
Wood workings 2009 winter lives in our hands
Wooden Ships Dos
Wooden Ships Holiday
Wooden Ships Vampire Blues
Wooden Ships Wooden Ships
Wooden Shjips Wooden Shjips
Wooden Shjips (2007) Summer Of Love '07 ep
Woodworking winter lives in our hands
Woodworkings pieces for lonely piano
woodworkings the grey tapes
woodworkings (2009) pieces for lonely piano
Woodworkings 2009 pieces for lonely piano
woodworkings 2009 the grey tapes
Worm Is Green Glow (2009)
Worriedaboutsatan Arrivals (2009)
Wumpscut FuckIt (2009)
The Beatles A Hard Day's Night (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Abbey Road (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Beatles For Sale (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Help! (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Let It Be (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Past Masters Disc 1 (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Past Masters Disc 2 (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Please Please Me (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Revolver (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Rubber Soul (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (Stereo Remastering) (200
The Beatles The Beatles Disc 1 (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles The Beatles Disc 2 (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles With the Beatles (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
The Beatles Yellow Submarine (Stereo Remastering) (2009)
Wynton Marsalis Christmas Jazz Jam (2009)
Xela (2009) The Illuminated
Xiu Xiu [2009] Album of the Month May
XX Self Titled (2009)
YACHT Psychic City [2009]
YACHT [2009] See Mystery Lights
YACHT (2009) See mystery ligths
Yasushi Yoshida Little Grace
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Heads Will Roll [2009]
Yeasayer 2009 Ambling Alps
Yo La Tengo (2009) Popular Songs
You Love Her Coz She's Dead Inner City Angst EP [2008]
Yuki Murata Films 2009
Yuksek So Far Away From The Sea [2009]
ZAZA (2009) Cameo
Zeromancer It Sounds Like Love (But It Looks Like Sex) (2009)

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