jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009


U2 The Joshua tree
U2 War
Ulver (1993) Vargnatt (Demo)
Ulver (1995) Kveldssanger
Ulver (1996) The Madrigal Of Night
Ulver (1996) Wild Opera
Ulver (1998) Lyckantropen Themes
Ulver (1998) Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell
Ulver (1999) Metamorhosis [EP]
Ulver (2000) Perdition City
Ulver (2000) Split with Immortal [EP]
Ulver (2001) Silencing the Singing
Ulver (2003) A Quick Fix of Melancholy
Ulver (2005) Blood Inside
Ulver (2005) The Cosmic Game
Ulver (2007) Shadows Of The Sun
Umlaut (2009) Umlaut
Umlaut (2009) Umlaut
Umlaut 2009 Umlaut
Under the elephan skin Journals [EP] (2009)
UNDERWORLD Born Slippy Nuxx (Single Remixes)
Underworld vs The Misterons Athens [2009]
united nations of sound are you ready (single) (2010)
Unkle End titles story for a film
Unkle Nights Temper EP (A Prelude to War Stories) (Vinyl 2007)
Unkle Psyence fiction
Unkle RbbtnYrHdlghtsTmxs
Unkle Burn my shadow
Unkle Never nerverland
Unkle Nights Temper EP (A Prelude to War Stories) (Vinyl2007)
Unkle Psyence fiction
Unkle (2007) War stories
Unkle (2007) War stories cd2
UNKLE (2009) Showreel
UNKLE (2009) Showreel
Untold [2009] Sweat Dante
Upsilon Acrux Radian Futura
Upsilon Acrux (1999) In The Acrux of The Upsilon King
Upsilon Acrux (1999) The Last Pirates of Upsilon
Upsilon Acrux (2002) Last Train Out
Upsilon Acrux (2004) Volucris Avis Dirae/Arum
Upsilon Acrux (2007) Galapagos Momentum

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