jueves, 20 de agosto de 2009

Novedades en la base de datos (todos los nuevos agregados)

Estos son los discos nuevos agregados en la base de datos

A HA (2009) Foot Of The Mountain
A lily (2008) I Dress My Ankles with God's Sweetest Words EP
AC DC 1975 T.N.T. (Australian)
Adelitas Way (2009) Adelitas Way
Adrian Terrazas Gonzales Cu Taan
Æthenor [2009] Faking Gold & Murder
Alex Smoke Blingkered
Alex Smoke (2009) Blingkered
Anathema A simple mistake
Anathema A Vision Of A Dying Embrace
Anathema Live La Boule Noire Paris 28 05 2004
Anathema Seranades + Extra Tracks
Anathema They Die
Anathema We Are the Bible
Anathema 1992 Crestfallen EP
Anathema 1993 Serenades
Anathema 1995 Pentecost 3
Anathema 1995 Pentecost III
Anathema 1996 Make It Right
Anathema 2008 Hindsight
Andrew Bird (2009) Fitz and the Dizzyspells [EP]
Andrew Hill (1965) pax
Animal Collective (2006) Hollinndagain (EP)
Arch Enemy (2007) Rise Of The Tyrant
Archie Shepp A Portrait of Robert Thompson (As
Armin Van Buuren 2000 001 A State Of Trance
armin van buuren 2008 live @ ibiza
Art Ensemble of Chicago (1969) People In Sorrow
Art Farmer (1956) Farmer's Market
Atari teenage Riot (1999) 60 second wipe out
AutoKratz (2009) Always More
Avishai Cohen Trio (2008) Gently Disturbed
Badly Drawn Boy (2000) The Hour of Bewilderbeast
Basemet Jaxx (1999) Remedy
Beach House Devotion
Behemoth Evangelion (2009)
Behemoth At The Arena Ov Aion Live Apostasy (2008)
Behemoth (2009) Behemoth Ezkaton (EP)
Behemoth 1995 Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic)
Behemoth 1996 Grom
Behemoth 1997 Bewitching The Pomerania (EP)
Behemoth 2007 The Apostasy
Ben Folds (2009) Stems And Seeds
Ben Frost Theory of Machines
Ben Wood (2009) Moments
Bibio (2009) Ambivalence Avenue
Bibio (2009) Ovals And Emeralds
Bill Evans Trio En vivo en Buenos Aires 1979
Bitstream [2004] One Third Standard Lux
Black Cab [2004] Altamont Diary
Black Dice (2009) Repo
Black Market Music
Black Tambourine [Complete Recordings]
bleNo (2009) Octubre verde
Blind Ilusion (1988) The Sane Asylum
Bloc Party (2009) Signs
Blood Sweat and Tears Blood Sweat and Tears
Blooddrunk [2008] Blooddrunk
Bloom (1998) Crustation
Blur (2009) Midlife A Beginner's Guide To Blur (CD1)
Blur (2009) Midlife A Beginner's Guide To Blur (CD2)
Boa Jasmine Rodgers
Bob Dylan & Tom Petty True Confessions For Carol 1 10
Bob Dylan (2005) The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 No Direction Home [CD1]
Bob Dylan (2008) The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Tell Tale Signs
Bob Dylan (2009) Together Through Life [CD1]
Bob Dylan (2009) Together Through Life [CD2]
Booker Little (1961) Out Front
Brad Mehldau Art of the Trio Vol. 3
Broken Social Scene (2002) You Forgot in People
Bud Powell (1961) A Portrait Of Thelonious
By The End Of Tonight & Tera Melos Complex Full Of Phantoms (Split)[2007]
Calibre (2009) Shelflife Vol 2
CALLmeKAT (2008) Fall Down
CALLmeKAT (2009) Iam a polaroid where are you
Calvin Harris (2009) Im Not Alone
Campo Formio (2008) EP 28_11_2008
Caspian [2009] Tertia
Cass McCombs (2009) Catacombs
Charles mingus Live Instumental
Charlotte & Magon [2009] Love Happening
Chocolate Cherry
Chris Garneau (2009) El Radio
Christ [2005] Seeing And Doing
Chuck Berry colour collection
Circulatory Sistem Signal Morning
Clint Mansell [2009] Moon OST
Clint Mansell [2009] Moon OST
Coala Pascal [2009] Lifting Cranes Have Already Heard That
CocoRosie (2009) Coconuts, Plenty of Junk Food
Cold Cave (2009) Cremations
Cold Cave [2009] Love Comes Close
Cold Cave [2009] Love Comes Close
ColdPlay (2009) LeftRightLeftRightLeft
Collection of colonies of bees (2008) Birds
Colleen (2003) Everyone Alive Wants Answers
Colleen (2007) Les ondes silencieuses
Condo Fucks (2009) Fuckbook
Conjure one (2002) Conjure one
Conjure one (2005) Extraordinary way
Copia de Lumen Lab [2009] Shhh
Cradle of Filth Invoking the Unclean (1992)
Cradle of Filth Orgiastic Pleasures [Demo] (1992)
Cradle Of Filth The Black Goddess Rises (1992)
Cradle of Filth The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh (1994)
Cradle of Filth Total Fucking Darkness (1992)
Cradle of Filth V Empire (or Dark Faerytales In Phallustein) (1996)
Cradle of Filth Dusk.......And Her Embrace (1996)
Crippled Black Phoenix 200 Tons Of Bad Luck [2009]
Crippled Black Phoenix (2009) 200 Tons Of Bad Luck
Crustation (1997) Purple Remixes
Cut Copy (2007) In Ghost Colours
Cynic [2008] Traced in Air
Dadamnphreaknoizphunk (2009) The Chearleaders Are Smilin At You
Dan Deacon Bromst
Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse (2009) Dark Night Of The Soul
Danny & Vincent Cavanagh 2004 Acoustic with Cello in Budapest
Danny Cavanagh (2007) A Place to Be (A Tribute to Nick Drake)
Darling (2003) D2R
Datassette (2008) Datassette
David Lynch (2009) Fox Bat Strategy A tribute to Dave Jaurequi
Death Cab For Cutie (2009) The Open Door [EP]
Deep Purlple 1972 Made in Japan (25th Anniversary Remastered Edition)
Deep Purlple 1973 Who Do We Think We Are (25th Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purlple 1974 Burn 30th Anniversary Remastered
Deep Purlple 1974 Stormbringer (35th Anniversary Edition)
Deep Purlple 1975 Come Taste The Band
Deep Purple (1968) Shades Of Deep Purple
Deep Purple (1969) Deep Purple
Deep Purple (1970) In Rock 25th Anniversary Edition
Deep Purple (1971) Fireball 25th Anniversary Edition
Deep Purple (1992) Endless Damnation (Demo)
Deep Purple (1992) The Return Of The Northern Moon (Demo)
Deep Purple (1993) ...From The Pagan Vastlands (Demo)
Deep Purple (1995) Pentecost 3
Deep Purple (2003) Shootenanny!
Deep Purple (2005) Angel Of Retribution
Deep Purple 1972 Machine Head 25th Anniversary Edition
Deep Purple 1984 Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple 1987 The House Of Blue Light
Deep Purple 1990 Slaves And Masters
Deep Purple 1993 The Battle Rages On
Deep Purple 1996 Purpendicular
Deep Purple 1998 Abandon
Deep Purple 2003 Bananas
Deep Purple 2005 Rapture of the Deep
Deerhoof Green Cosmos [EP]
Deerhunter Microcastle
Deerhunter rainwater cassette Exchange
Depeche Mode (2009) Sounds of the Universe
Destroyer Trouble in Dreams
Destroyer (2009) Rubies
Destroyer (2009) Bay of Pigs
Dewey Redman (2008) Stuggle Continues
digitalism taken away (justice remix)
Dinosaur Jr (2009) Farm
direccion getty
Divididos (1985) Por La Felicidad
Dog Day [2009] Concentration
Dog Day [2009] Concentration
Dorothy Ashby (1965) The Fantastic Jazz Harp Of Dorothy Ashby
Dredg (2009) The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion (2009)
E A Man Called
E Broken Toy Shop
Eatliz (2007) Violently Delicate
Eels My Timing Is Off Fresh Blood
Eels Oh What a Beautiful Morning
Eels Shootenanny!
Eels Souljacker
Eels Useless Trinkets CD1
Eels Useless Trinkets CD2
Eels (1996) Beatiful Freaks
Eels (2000) Daisies Of The Galaxy
Eels (2000) Electro Shock Blues
Eels (2005) Blinking Lights And Other Revelations (Disc 1)
Eels (2005) Blinking Lights and Other Revelations (Disc 2)
Eels (2008) Meet the Eels
Eels (2009) El hombre lobo
Eels (with Strings) Live at Town Hall
Els Black Session [Live]
Elsiane Hybrid (2007)
Emery (2009) ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
Esthero (1998) Breath from Another
Esthero (2004) O.G. Bitch [vinil EP]
Esthero (2005) Wikked lil girl
Etienne de Crecy (2000) Tempovision
False Love Letters
Fatboy Slim Dance Bitch
Faust (1972) So Far
Faust (2009) Cest Com Com Complique
Felix da Housecat He Was King
Flunk (2009) This Is What You Get
Frankmusik (2009) Complete Me
Franz Ferdinand Blood (2009)
Fruits Bats Primitive Band
Fujiya & Miyagi (2008) Lightbulbs
Fun (2009) Take Your Time
George Harrison (2009) Let It Roll Songs By George Harrison
Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova (2008) Once
Gnarls Barkley (2006) St. Elsewhere
God is An astornaut 2007 Far from Refuge
Gordon Gano (2002) Hitting The Ground
Graham Coxon (2009) The Spinning Top (Advance)
Grant Green (1961) Gooden's Corner
Gui Boratto Take My Breath Away Remix
GusGus [2009] Add This Song
Hannu Hintergarten
Health (2009) Get Color
Heaven & Hell (2009) The Devil You Know
Horace Silver (1959) Blowin' The Blues Away
I Am Above On The Left (2005) Idem
I Am Above On The Left (2006) An A Bomb To Wake Up
Ignacio Lopez El abrazo
Imogen Heap (1998) I Megaphone
Imogen Heap (2009) Speak For Yourself
Inverness (2009) Forest Fortress
Iñaki Salvador (2002) Novecento, el pianista en el Oceano
Jacaszek (2009) pentral
Jack McDuff (2001) Brotherly Love
Jack Penate (2009) Everything Is New
Jack Peñate (2009) Everything is New
Jaco Pastorius (1981) Word Of Mouth
Japandroids (2009) Post Nothing
Jay Reatard (2009) Watch Me Fall
Jens Lekman (2007) Night Falls Over Kortedala
Jesu [2009] Infinity
Jimmy Behan (2009) The Echo Garden
Jóhann Jóhannsson (2009) And In The Endless Pause There Came The Sound Of Bees
John Fahey Old Girlfriends & Other Horrible Memories
John Fahey Rain Forests, Oceans, and other Themes
John Fahey The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites (Remastered)
John Frusciante (2009) The Empyrean
Jonsi and Alex (2009) Riceboy Sleeps
Jonsi and Alex (2009) Riceboy Sleeps
Joy Division Warsaw Bootleg
Judas Priest May I Sing With Me [1992]
Judas Priest British Steel
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith
Judas Priest Demolition
Judas Priest Jugulator
Judas Priest Painkiller
Judas Priest Point Of Entry
Judas Priest Ram it Down
Judas Priest Rocka Rolla
Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny
Judas Priest Screaming For Vengeance
Judas Priest Sin After Sin
Judas Priest Stained Class
Judas Priest Turbo
Judas Priest (2008) Nostradamus
Judas Priset Hell Bent For Leather
Julian Plenti (2009) Julian Plenti is Skyscrapper
Junior Boys (2007) So this is Goodbye
Jus Wan [2009] Submersive
Justice (2009) Tthhee Ppaarrttyy
Kazumasha Hashimoto (2006) Gllia
Ken McIntyre & Eric Dolphy (1960) Looking Ahead
Killswitch Engage (2009) Killswitch Engage
Kruder & Dorfmeister Count Basic Remixes
Kruder & Dorfmeister DJ Kicks
Kruder and Dorfmeister Sessions CD 1
Kruder and Dorfmeister Sessions CD 2
Kylesa Static Tensions [2009]
La Roux (2009) La Roux
Ladytron (2009) Tomorrow
Lali Puna (2005) I Thought I Was Over That Disco 1
Lali Puna (2005) I Thought I Was Over That Disco 2
Last Days (2009) The Safety Of The North
Le Hammond Inferno My First Political Dance Album
Lendi Vexer (2007) The Process of Disillusion
Lhasa De Sela (2009) Lhasa
Liars (2006) Drums Not Dead
lingering last drops (2009) the lingering last drops
Lisa Hannigan (2008) Sea Sew
Lizzy Parks (2008) Raise The Roof
Lone Joy Reel Sunset Teens [2009]
Lovage (2001) Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady
Lumen Lab [2009] Shhh
Luomo [2009] Tessio Remixes
Machinefabriek Shuffle 2009
Magnolia Electric Co (2009) Josephine
Major Lazer (2009) Guns Don't Kill People...Lazers Do
Manchester Orchestra Demo
Maria Peszek (2008) Maria Awaria
Marillion (2008) Happiness is the Road
Marilyn Manson (2009) The High End Of Low
Marilyn Manson (2009) Were are from America (EP)
Marilyn Manson [2007] Eat Me Drink Me
Mark Templeton (2009) aAron Munson Acre Loss
Mark Templeton (2009) Inland
Marsheaux (2009) Lumineux Noir
Martin Solveig One 2.3 Four
Martin Solveig (2009) One 2.3 Four
Martin, Aaron & Part Timer (2009) Seed Collection
Massive Attack (1995) No Protection
Massive Attack (2003) 100th.window
Massive attack, Portishead & Tricky Bristol
Mastodon (2009) Crack the Skye (Promo)
Matias Aguayo [2005] De Papel
Matt Star Check The Sun EP
matthew robert cooper [2008] miniatures
Max Roach (1961) Percussion Bitter Sweet
Maybeshewill (2009) Sing the Word Hope in Four Part Harmony
MC Honky Iam The Messiah
Meshuggah (1995) Selfcaged (EP)
Mew (2009) No More Stories Are Told Today Im Sorry They Washed Away
Mexican Institute Of Sound (2009) Yo Digo Baila
Milanese [2009] Lockout
milt jackson, joe pass, ray brown the big 3 (1975)
Moby (2009) Wait For Me
Modest Mouse The Moon and Antarctica
Modest Mouse (2009) No One's First and You're Next
Moly It Rained, But We Cheered
Moly Your Life Is In Danger PT1
Monkey island 1
Mono (2009) Hymn To The Immortal Wind (Advance)
Morcheeba (2001) Back to Mine
Mos Def (2009) The Ecstatic
Mr. Scruff [2009] Bonus Bait
Muddy Waters
Múm (2009) Sing Along To Songs You Don't Know
Murcof [2009] La Sangre Iluminada
Muse Uprising
Muse H.A.A.R.P
Muse Inspirations Part I
Muse Inspirations Part II
Muse (2001) Origin Of Symmetry
Muse (2002) Hullabaloo Soundtrack
Muza Cambio De Estacion
Muza dream electronico
My Morning Jacket (2005) – Z
Najwajean Selection
najwajean (till it breaks)
Nalepa Sunflowers EP [2009]
Natalie Walker Urban Angel (2006)
Natalie Walker With You (2008)
Nathan Fake (2009) Hard Islands
Nawjajean (1998) No blood
New Pornographers (2007) Challengers
Nightwish The Forever Moments
Nightwish (2009) Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places)
Nightwish 1997 Angel Fall First
Nightwish 1997 The Carpenter
Nightwish 1998 Oceanborn
Nightwish 1998 Sacrament of Wilderness
Nightwish 1999 Walking In The Air
Nightwish 2000 Deep Silent Complete
Nightwish 2000 Wishmaster
Nightwish 2002 Bless The Child
Nightwish 2002 Century Child
Nightwish 2002 Ever Dream
Nightwish 2004 Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
Nightwish 2004 Nemo
Nightwish 2004 Once
Nightwish 2004 Wish I Had And Angel
Nightwish 2005 Sleeping Sun
Nightwish 2005 Sleeping Sun (4 Ballads of the Eclipse)
Nightwish 2005 The Siren
Nightwish 2006 End Of An Era
Nightwish 2007 Amaranth
Nightwish 2007 Dark Passion Play
Nightwish 2007 Era¨maan Viimeinen
Nightwish 2007 Eva
Nightwish 2008 Bye Bye Beautiful
Nightwish 2008 The Islander
Nightwish 2009 Made In Hong Kong (And In Various Other Places)
Nigthwish 2000 Wishmastertour
Ninja Tune If Ya Can't Stand Da Beatz, Git Outta Da Kitchen
Nirvana With the Lights Out Disc 1
Nirvana With the Lights Out Disc 2
Nirvana 1996 From the Muddy Banks of the Whiskah
Nirvana 1996 From the Muddy Banks of the Whiskah
No Age (2008) Nouns
No Man Wherever There Is Light (2009)
Noel & Gem BBC Live Lounge (13.03.2009)
Noir Friction Lips Sealed
Nosaj Thing Drift [2009]
Nouvelle Vague (2009) 3
Oasis Acoustic at the BBC (1994 2005)
Oasis Black On White (Live On Tour 1994) CD 1
Oasis Black On White (Live On Tour 1994) CD 2
Oasis Climbing The Sky (Cabaret Metro, Chicago, 15.10.1994) CD 1
Oasis Climbing The Sky (Cabaret Metro, Chicago, 15.10.1994) CD 2
Oasis Definitely Maybe (1994)
Oasis Dig Out Your Soul (2008)
Oasis Don't Believe The Truth (2005)
Oasis Familiar to Millions CD 1
Oasis Familiar to Millions CD 2
Oasis Heathen Chemistry (2002)
Oasis Here Now (Brabanthalle, Den Bosch, Netherlands, 27.01.1997) CD 1
Oasis Here Now (Brabanthalle, Den Bosch, Netherlands, 27.01.1997) CD 2
Oasis Here Now (Brabanthalle, Den Bosch, Netherlands, 27.01.1997) CD 3
Oasis Here Now (Brabanthalle, Den Bosch, Netherlands, 27.01.1997) CD 4
Oasis Knebworth Supernova CD 1
Oasis Knebworth Supernova CD 2
Oasis Knebworth Supernova CD 3
Oasis Live By The Sea (DVD Audio)
Oasis Live Forever CD 1
Oasis Live Forever CD 2
Oasis Mansfield Massachusetts 24 6 05 CD 1
Oasis Mansfield Massachusetts 24 6 05 CD 2
Oasis MTV World Stage
Oasis Paris Bataclan 10 11 2008
Oasis Philipshalle Dusseldorf 9th March 2003 CD 1
Oasis Philipshalle Dusseldorf 9th March 2003 CD 2
Oasis Rio de Janeiro (07.05.09) CD 2
Oasis River Plate 03 5 09 CD 1
Oasis River Plate 03 5 09 CD 2
Oasis Slane Castle, Dublin
Oasis Standing In The Studio With Noel CD 1
Oasis Standing In The Studio With Noel CD 2
Oasis Standing On The Edge of The Noise Black Island Studios 14th August 2008
Oasis Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)
Oasis Stop The Clocks The Definitive Collection CD1
Oasis Stop The Clocks The Definitive Collection CD1
Oasis Stop The Clocks The Definitive Collection CD2
Oasis That's The Story CD 1
Oasis That's The Story CD 2
Oasis That's The Story CD 3
Oasis The Masterplan (1998)
Oasis There And Then audio DVD en vivo CD 1
Oasis There And Then audio DVD en vivo CD 2
Oasis Live In Luna Park Stadium Argentina 18 03 98
Oasis live MTV Unplugged
Oasis (1995) (What's the Story Morning Glory
Oasis (1997) Be Here Now
Oasis (2000) Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)
Oasis (2001) Campo Argentino de Polo Hot Festival 18 01 01
Oasis (2003) Philipshalle Dusseldorf 9th March 2003 CD 1
Oasis (2005) City of Manchester CD 1
Oasis (2005) City of Manchester CD 2
Oasis (2005) Don't Believe The Truth
Oasis (2005) Mansfield Massachusetts CD 1
Oasis (2005) Mansfield Massachusetts CD 2
Oasis (2006) Live in Argentina
Oasis (2007) City of Manchester 02 07 05 CD 1
Oasis (2007) City of Manchester 02 07 05 CD 2
Oasis (2008) Standing On The Edge of The Noise Black Island Studios 14th August 2008
Oasis live 2000 7 22 Wembley Stadium London
Oasis live in Cardiff 23 10 2008 CD1
Oasis live in Cardiff 23 10 2008 CD2
Odland (2009) The Caterpillar
Olafur Arnalds (2009) Found Songs
Ornette Coleman Ornette NY is Now
Pandafaust [2009] Mon Dieu Mon Amour
Pantera Official Live 101 Proof
Pantera (1990) Cowboys From Hell
Pantera (2000) Reinventing The Steel
Pantera (1983) Metal Magic
Pantera (1984) Projects In The Jungle
Pantera (1985) I Am The Night
Pantera (1988) Power Metal
Pantera (1992) Vulgar Display of Power
Pantera (1994) Far Beyond Driven
Pantera (1996) The Great Southern Trendkill
Pat Metheny Trio Live at Yoshi's, San Francico
Pay No Mind (2009) Green Light
Peet (2009) Remnants of a Paradise Lost
Peter Broetzmann Chicago Tentet (2003) Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2003 07 19
Phaseone [2009] Thanks But No Thanks
Phoenix (2006) It's Never Been like That
Piana Eternal Castle
Pier Bucci Amigo EP 1
Pier Bucci Amigo EP 1
Pinback [2004] pure fm acoustic sessions 9.13.04
Pinback Some Voices EP
Pinback Summer in Abadon
Pinback (1999) This Is A Pinback CD
PINBACK (2003) offcell [EP]
Pinback (2006) Nautical Antiques
Pinback (2007) Autumn Of The Seraphs
Pinback (2007) Autumn Of The Seraphs (Bonus EP)
Pissed Jeans (2009) King Of Jeans
Placebo Once More With Feelings, The singles 1996 2004
Placebo (2009) Battle For The Sun
Poison The Well (2009) The Tropic Rot
Porcupine Tree Ambulance Chasers
Porcupine Tree Piano Lessons
Porcupine Tree (1998) Metanoia
Porcupine Tree (2000) Voyage
Porcupine Tree (2001) The Delirium
Porcupine Tree (1989) Tarquin's Seaweed Farm
Porcupine Tree (1990) The Love, Death & Mussolini
Porcupine Tree (1991) stranger By The Minute
Porcupine Tree (1991) The Nostalgia Factory
Porcupine Tree (1994) On The Sunday Of Life
Porcupine Tree (1994) Starcaise Infinities
Porcupine Tree (1996) BBC Sessions
Porcupine Tree (1996) Signify
Porcupine Tree (1997) Coma Divine Recorded Live in Rome
Porcupine Tree (1997) Spiral Circus Live 81997 )
Porcupine Tree (1999) Pure Narcotic [Single]
Porcupine Tree (1999) Stupid Dream
Porcupine Tree (2000) Four Chords That Make a Million
Porcupine Tree (2000) Lightbulb Sun
Porcupine Tree (2001) Nearfest
Porcupine Tree (2001) Recordings
Porcupine Tree (2002) In Absentia
Porcupine Tree (2003) Futile
Porcupine Tree (2009) Ilosaarirock
Portugal The Man (2009) The Satanic Satanist
Prefuse 73 [2009] The Forest Of Oversensitivity
PSY OPSogist Kings Of Sleep (2009)
Ptarmigan (2009) Our Ancient Friends
Pulp (2009) Freaks
Queen 1977 News of the World
Queen 1978 Jazz
Queen 1979 Live Killers
Queen 1980 Flash Gordon
Queen 1980 The Game
Queen 1981 Greatest Hits I
Queen 1981 Hot Space
Queen 1983 The Works
Queen 1986 A Kind Of Magic
Queen 1986 Live Magic
Queen 1989 At The Beeb
Queen 1989 The Miracle
Queen 1991 Greatest Hits II
Queen 1991 Innuendo
Queen 1992 Classic Queen
Queen 1992 Live at Wembley '86
Queen 1995 Made In Heaven
Queen 1997 Queen Rocks
Queen 1999 Greatest Hits III
Queen 2004 Queen On Fire Live at the Bowl
Queen 2006 Stone Cold Classics
Queen 2007 Queen Rock Montreal (Disco 1)
Queen 2007 Queen Rock Montreal (Disco 2)
Quincy Jones (1960) I Dig Dancers
Quincy jones (1960) The Great Wide World of Quincy Jones
Quincy Jones (1961) And His Orchestra at Newport 61
Raconteurs (2008) Consolers Of The Lonely
Radiohead C Sides EP
Radiohead (2008) Reckoner (Instrument Stems)
radiohead (2009) In memory of Harry Patch (single)
Radiohead (2009) Live in Santiago, Chile
Raina Rose (2009) End of Endless False Starts
Rammsteim Mutter
Rammstein [1997] Sehnsucht
Reservoir Fanfarlo
Return to Forever Live from 'old grey whistle test'
Reverend and The Makers [2009] A French Kiss In The Chaos
Reverie Sound Revue Reverie Sound Revue [2009]
Riceboy Sleeps (2009) Riceboy Sleeps
Rjd2 (2002) Deadringer
rob crow my room is a mess
Rob Crow [2007] I Hate You
Robotobibok (2000) Jogging
Robotobibok (2002) Instytut Las
Robotobibok (2004) Nawyki Przyrody
RX Bandits (2009) Mandala
Saint Etienne (2009) Continental
Salem [2009] OhK
Scott Walker (2006) The Drift
Scrooge (1997) Cinematograph
SCSI 9 the line of nine
Seam (1991) Headsparks
Sebastien Schuller (2005) Happiness
Sébastien Schuller (2009) Evenfall
Sedaiós (2009) Resolen Problemes
Silver Apples (1968) Silver Apples
Simian Mobile Disco [2009] Audacity Of Huge
Sin Fang Bous (2009) Clangour
Sleeping Me (2009) Lamenter
Smashing Pumpkins 1991 Gish
Smashing Pumpkins 1993 Siamese Dream
Smashing Pumpkins 1994 Earphoria
Smashing Pumpkins 1994 Halloween Party
Smashing Pumpkins 1994 Pisces Iscariot
Smashing Pumpkins 1995 live at the reading festival 1995
Smashing Pumpkins 1995 Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins 1998 Adore
Smashing Pumpkins 1998 Adore Demos
Smashing Pumpkins 1998 The Smashing Pumpkins Live In Washington D.C
Smashing Pumpkins 2000 Machina The Machines of God
Smashing Pumpkins 2000 Machina II
Smashing Pumpkins 2007 Zeitgeist
Smog Dug Dug`s
Sneaker pimps Becoming X
Sneaker pimps Bloodsport
Sneaker pimps Splinter
Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
Speak No Evil
SPK Leichenschrei
SPK (1982) Leichenschrei
Spon Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga
Spoon Got Nuffin [2009]
Stellastarr (2009) Civilized
Stephan Mathieu And Taylor Deupree (2009) Transcriptions
Stereolab Cobra & Phases Play Voltage in the Milky Night [Import Bonus Tracks]
Stereolab & Nurse Whit wound Simple Headphone Mind
Stereolab (2004) Margerine Eclipse
Sterolab (1997) Dots And Loops
Sumo Greatest Hits
Sumo Obras Cumbres CD 1
Sumo Obras Cumbres CD 2
Sunn O))) (2009) Monoliths And Dimensions (v))
Sunset Rubdown (2009) Dragonslayer
Svarte Greiner (2009) Kappe
Systems Officer [2004] Systems Officer (EP)
Tantric (2009) Mind Control
Taste Taste (1969)
Taste (1970) On The Boards
Team Sleep (2005) Team Sleep
Team Sleep (2005) The Rouge Moog
Terrestre [2004] Secondary Inspection
Thanatos (2009) Justified Genocide
The 39 Steps (2009) Coming Clean
The 52nd Street Blues Project
The American Dollar [2009] Ambient One
The Antlers (2009) Hospice
The Arcade Fire (2007) Neon Bible
The Besnard Lakes (2007) The Besnard Lakes are The Dark Horse
The Bloody Beetroots (2009) Romborama
The Cure Disintegration
The Dandy Warhols (2009) The Dandy Warhols Are Sound
The Dead Weather (2009) Horehound
The Dead Weather (2009) Single
The Dear Hunter Act 1. The Lake South, The River North
The Dear Hunter Act II. The Meaning Of, & All Things Regarding Ms. Leading
The Dear Hunter (2009) Act III Life and Death
The Decemberist The Crane Wife
The Decemberists (2009) The Hazards of Love
The Dodos Visiter
The Dodos (2009) Time To Die
The Emerald Down [2009] Aquarium
The Field (2007) From here wo go sublime
The Fiery Furnaces Window City
The Fiery Furnaces (2004) Blueberry Boat
The Fiery Furnaces (2009) I'm Going Away
The Gentleman Losers (2009) Dustland
The Microphones (2001) The Glow pt2
The New Pornographers (2005) Twin Cinema
The Orb (2007) The Dream
The Perishers From Nothing To One
The Perishers Victorious
The Raconteurs 2006 Broken Boy Soldiers
The Radio Dept (2009) David EP
The Silver Wilburys (1987) Live At The Palomino Club
The Soft Pink Truth (2004) Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want The Soft Pink Truth
The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When Were Gone
The uri caine ensemble Gustav mahler in toblach
The Watermarks (2009) Thoughts Like Bombs
The Wombats A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation
The Wombats Black Session at France Inter FM 21 Jan 08 oothe
The Wombats Girls, Boys and Marsupials
Thievery Corporation (2005) The Cosmic Game
Think Twice (2009) Palov & Mishkin
Throw Me The Statue [2009] Purpleface EP
Tiga (2008) Mind Dimension EP
Tiga (2009) Ciao!
Tim Hecker An Imaginary Country
Tobias and Efdemin Phantasma Vol 1
Tony Monaco Trio with Joey DeFrancesco Trio
Tool 1991 Tool
Tool 1996 Aenima
Tortoise standards
Tortoise (2009) Beacons Of Ancestorship
Trespassers W (1996) Fly up in the face of life
Turzi (2005) Made Under Authority
Turzi [2005] Made Under Authority
Tv on the Radio Dear Science
Umlaut (2009) Umlaut
UNDERWORLD Born Slippy Nuxx (Single Remixes)
UNKLE (2009) Showreel
Vampire Weekend (2008) Vampire Weekend
Venetian Snares [2009] Horsey Noises
Viejas locas En Vivo Obras
Vision Divine (2009) 9 Degrees West of the Moon
Vive la fete Disque d'Or
Why (2008) Skimo Snow
William Basinski 92982
Wolf Parade (2005) Apologies to the Queen Mary
Wooden Ships Dos
Wooden Ships Holiday
Wooden Ships Vampire Blues
Wooden Ships Wooden Ships
Wooden Shjips (2007) Summer Of Love '07 ep
Woodworking winter lives in our hands
woodworkings the grey tapes
woodworkings (2009) pieces for lonely piano
Xela (2009) The Illuminated
Xiu Xiu [2009] Album of the Month May
YACHT (2009) See mystery ligths
Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (1994)
Yes! Jesus Loves Me
Yo La Tengo And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
Yo La Tengo (2009) Popular Songs
Youth Movies Good Nature
zmitser von holzman this is how i feel now
Zombie_Nation_ _Zombielicious_Remixes

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